Freeman’s nel nostro Secret Mag Club di settembre

Freeman’s nel nostro Secret Mag Club di settembre

Per il mese di Settembre abbiamo sposato il cambiamento in ogni sua forma e lo abbiamo fatto a partire da nostro Secret Mag Club, con la nuova edizione di Freeman’s proprio dedicata a questo tema
October 03, 2022 — Frab's Magazines & More
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Profane magazine: French eccentricity and uniqueness

If you are a serial accumulator, a Sunday painter, if you are obsessed with unusual objects or have a secret passion, Profane is what is right for you. An independent French magazine that moves between art and collecting and is characterized by a truly experimental setting. The project has a single interest: the amateur, someone who is both amateur and amateur at the same time.
July 26, 2022 — Dario Gaspari
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Market cafe nel nostro Secret Mag Club di maggio

Market cafe in our Secret Mag Club in May

For our Secret Mag Club in May, we selected Market Cafe, the only independent magazine dedicated to the world of data visualization, founded by a duo of Italian information designers, Tiziana Alocci and Piero Zagami
May 29, 2022 — Anna Frabotta
Standart: una celebrazione delle potenzialità del caffè

Standart: a celebration of the potential of coffee

Reading Standart is like going to your favorite coffee shop and starting a conversation with a stranger that turns out to be unexpectedly pleasant later on. Thanks to its editorial and content care, when you have finished leafing through the magazine, you will feel that its pages smell like freshly brewed coffee.
May 02, 2022 — Frab's Magazines & More
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Suq. nel nostro Secret Mag Club di aprile

Market. in our Secret Mag Club in April

Market, the magazine we have selected for the Secret Mag Club of April, shows us that another perspective of Sicily (and territorial magazines!) is possible. Halfway between an independent magazine and a photobook, Suq. Unconventional Sicily, tells us about a land that seems alien as far as it is from the commonplace-sicily that we have in our mind.
April 30, 2022 — Anna Frabotta
Nork Magazine nel nostro Secret Mag Club di febbraio

Nork Magazine in our February Secret Mag Club

Do not be fooled by the changing colors of this magazine because, among its pages, it transports us to a world of nostalgia and memories. Dedicated to the theme of memory, this sixth edition of Nork is a perfect hybrid between a magazine and a diary of memories that the reader is called upon to compile between one reflection and another.
March 01, 2022 — Dario Gaspari
LOST magazine nel nostro Secret Mag Club di gennaio

LOST magazine in our January Secret Mag Club

Lost is not a simple travel magazine, Lost is the idea of travel in its purest essence, the one that considers it as a state of mind and a way to truly know yourself, is a magazine for the traveler who wants to get away from the beaten track and who is ready to venture into unusual, uncomfortable journeys, those that make us even a little uncomfortable. Here is the magazine that was in our Secret Mag Club in January
February 01, 2022 — Anna Frabotta
Il Calendario dell'avvento di Frab's: #15 Flow Book n.9

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 15 Flow Book # 9

By now you will have understood, our Advent Calendar goes a bit in fits and starts, but it is definitely worth waiting a while to discover something extremely beautiful like a Flow Book for Paper Lovers. Enjoy! 
December 15, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
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Il calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's: #8-9 Nodes Journal

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 8-9 Nodes Journal

Nodes is an Italian journal of art and neuroscience. Investigate the relationship between these two worlds with a unique style of its kind. Celebrate its 10th anniversary with an unmissable issue that talks about music, design, art and uniqueness.
December 08, 2021 — Dario Gaspari
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Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's: #7 Where the leaves fall

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 7 Where the leaves fall

Where the leaves fall it is not only the magazine with the most romantic name that we have in our catalog, it is above all a magazine that has an important objective: to re-evaluate our relationship with nature, but above all to re-establish it as an integral part of our life, rather than considering it a marginal factor.
December 07, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
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Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's: #5 e #6 Inque

Frab's Advent Calendar: # 5 and # 6 Inque

Some magazines are so important that they occupy two boxes on our calendar. Inque is one of the most important releases of 2021, a magazine that will have only 10 issues to document through literature and art a decade that will define our future. Large format, limited edition and important names make it an unmissable collector's item.
December 06, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
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Il Calendario dell'Avvento di Frab's #4: Support magazine

Frab's Advent Calendar # 4: Support magazine

A row of ants on fire, a zoom on round pink buttocks, abstract dream shades or landscapes that might seem apocalyptic. 
At a first and quick glance Support almost disorients and fascinates at the same time, capable as it is of keeping us glued to its thick and smooth pages. New illustration magazine, Support magazine lets us discover talents from all over the world.
December 04, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
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