Suitcase n.37


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Suitcase is a quarterly magazine that aims to connect places and people, reinventing the role of travel magazines and, at the same time, the way of traveling itself, which must necessarily become slower and more aware.
Moving away from mass tourist destinations, this magazine focuses on less explored places, capturing the most adventurous and eclectic aspect, pausing to discover culture, art, culinary traditions and life as locals.

Number of pages: 164
Cover: soft
English language

The new issue of Suitcase is a little different from the others because it tells us about places but above all people, artisans and creatives who preserve the traditions of the past.
The dedication to crafts is as old as civilization itself: without tools, hunting weapons and cooking utensils, we could not have taken root, built communities. And travel? Let's just say that without artisans (in every sphere) the world would be a lot less exciting to explore. Quite often it is these people and experiences that provide us with a reason to get on that plane, get on that train, and cross town to try that brilliant new bistro. In this issue of SUITCASE we offer a window into their talent, craftsmanship and creativity. From the Ukrainian potter who finds comfort in symbols, to the Cuban rum distiller.