Public n.4


Public (R) is a photographic magazine of the McWhirter studio, Alex Mc Whirter's creative direction agency that works mainly in New York. Here he works with well-known brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein and with institutions such as Suzanne Geiss Gallery, Cultural Traffic, Magnum Photos. 
Public is an annual magazine of experimental fashion photography, which focuses on the humanity of models. For each issue McWhirter collects the works of some of the best photographers of his circuit, and has only one rule: each subject must be unique, the theme of a photo never repeats itself. 

The fourth issue of Public is a limited edition of 150 pieces and features five portfolios by photographers Laura Jane Coulson, Rosie Marks, Isabelle Wenzel, Tealia Ellis Ritter and artist Gerda Scheepers, with stylistic contributions from Fashion Director Roxane Danset.
In an intimate portfolio, Laura Jane Coulson captures the sculptural form and beauty of modern women, with portraits of thirteen different women with thirteen different chairs by artist Martino Gamper.
Photographer and performer Isabelle Wenzel introduces a new way of seeing her work for the first time, using the mechanical qualities of drone photography to draw attention to body shape, styled by Fashion Director Roxane Danset.
A unique collaboration with Balenciaga sees South African artist Gerda Scheepers create her own version of the iconic New York steampipes that are the soul of the Manhattan winters.
Tealia Ellis Ritter explores the relationship between her and her sister through 27 years of images, drawn by Roxane Danset.
Finally, in August 2019, Rosie Marks embarked on a 5-day trip along the Yenisei River in Russia, documenting villages and rural settlements along the way until she reached her final destination of Norilsk. Located within the Arctic Circle, Norilsk is one of the most isolated and polluted cities on Earth.

Pages: 134