Drift - Bali


Drinking a coffee is an action that we do every morning naturally in every corner of the world, but how many times do we stop to think what it would be like to drink a coffee in a different city? DRIFT does just that, explore the world starting with a cup of coffee.
The magazine is all about coffee, to the people who drink it and to the cities they live in: from consumers to coffee shop owners, from street vendors to baristas. Coffee becomes a pretext to trace the geography of our environment. 

Dimensions: 21.5 x 28
Cover: soft
Number of pages: 160
English language

Volume 9 - Bali
Drift volume 9 takes a multi-faceted look at Bali's coffee culture. Once a hangout for yogis and surfers, this tropical destination has become a hotspot for a wide range of visitors, including coffee vendors and traveling bon vivants. New travelers bring new perspectives and an increasingly international sense of style to the Indonesian island. 
Thus was born a thriving third wave of coffee shops that reduced the closeness between coffee growers and consumers, also offering new opportunities for collaboration and education, but also new challenges, as the Balinese, steeped in local tradition and religious beliefs, confront each other for the first time with foreign money and interests.
Issue 9 of Drift examines these relationships as it takes readers to explore the island, from the temples and highlands of Kintanami, to the coffee shops of Canggu and Ubud.

Among its pages:
- How the Balinese take their coffee, with anything, even with egg yolks
- Photo reportage of local bartenders and their personal interests
- The influence of digital nomads on Bali's coffee culture
- How Bali's coffee shops are doing their part to alleviate the island's waste crisis
- The Balinese religion and its balance between gods and devils
And more..