Visions it is a magazine impossible to decipher until you read it, and for a magazine that talks about science fiction without images it could not be otherwise. We delved into its meanders during the days that saw Italy and then the world in forced permanence at home and we discovered a pearl for lovers of the genre, but we also found something else inside.

Visions contains what is often said and told of every technological innovation: before the innovation itself, the geeks, the first users of a new and very expensive discovery, there is science fiction to tell many future scenarios. And this often comes many years earlier, in the form of films or, indeed, of short stories. 

If we saw the first drones in Star Wars and already in the 70s there were rumors of laptops or phones that could do something else, Vision tackles the futuristic aspects of today's technology with the imagination of well-written tales and stories.

From the canons of beauty that thanks to social networks are no longer the glossy ones of "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, to the robot-babysitters that evolve into real para-people able to make the fathers of children who cannot distinguish them as machines, up to the hypothesis of an eternal present. 

Then take another refrain between the innovators of our millennium and the romantics refractory to technology: the clash between those who want to make the machines compose music and those who say that any algorithm, however set according to random criteria, cannot be able to create true and own innovations alone, having in the end always and in any case a pre-established mathematical paradigm. The Teddy investigates the ability of machines to be meticulous and precise, while man is by definition imprecise, but capable of great strokes of genius. 

The short stories, stories and small essays contained in this bookazine (magazine / book) have nothing to do with Star Wars, but with futuristic and futuristic aspects of our real lives. They represent fantastic scenarios, but not too much, sometimes horror.

If the English language is not an obstacle for you, the 31 contents slip away into a very promising selection of emerging writers and some already established names in the sector.

Visions is engaging, makes you think and at the same time frees your thoughts.

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March 15, 2020 — Frab's Magazines & More

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