Suspended time. This is the definition that almost everyone gives to these strange and uncertain days. And that's right, a suspended time from which we will necessarily all come out a little different, accompanied by a wealth of new awareness concerning our fragility, but also our strength.

There are those who are living these days with a veil of fear and those who see great opportunities. We, with a lot of realism, place ourselves in the middle and right from being in the middle of something greater than us that we want to start moving, while remaining still in our homes. While everything around us is still, continuing to feed the mind, keep us company with readings, some series on TV, some online courses and a lot of smart woking, is essential. 

We know that in front of everyone there will necessarily be a period of difficulty, which we hope as short as possible. We also know that in difficulties it is necessary to concentrate one's efforts and possibilities on services and essential things.

Despite what is to come, the only awareness we have at the moment is that the culture will be deeply affected by all this and will be supported with all our strength, because it will be precisely this that will help us rebuild a more equitable community and we hope it is ready to manage situations. like this. 

For this reason we have decided to recommend you a list of titles that are helping us to distract us these days. We know that it is a small thing, but it is with the sum of many small things that we can all start together.

Before leaving you to our 10 reading tips in no particular order, we remind you that you can write or call us as many times as you want, even if just to have a chat and to tell us how you are spending this period. In short, overwhelm us with messages, photos and phone calls and we will be delighted to answer you, share them and spend some time virtually with you. 

We hug you, one by one.





Cocoa & Jasmine


The first Indian independent magazine comes to your home to tell you about an unprecedented, alternative, creative India full of artistic and cultural stimuli.
The magazine was born with the aim of changing the way people see and live India, among its pages contemporary culture is intertwined with the traditions of the past, in a constant dialogue that touches art and travel. 


If you want a real distraction from bad thoughts, Italy's most beloved dirty magazine will surely make you spend unforgettable moments of mental and, why not, physical pleasure;)

With the eyes of some of the most talented photographers of our generation, Perimeter tells you about Milan… which we miss a lot in these weeks!
On the Frab's are available the number 1, the number 2 and number 3 is coming


It was the secret magazine that subscribers to the Secret Mag Club received in February. Directly from Norway, Nork opens a window on a piece of Scandinavia so often imagined, with contributions from artists and authors who share their works made of images and words with us . A small wonder also from a graphic point of view and a way to learn to slow down for those who are more used than us to live at the slow pace of nature.

The Paper
Zero words, but only 200 pages of illustrations signed by renowned New Yorker cartoonist Christoph Niemann. A book that is a declaration of love for print media and that helps support Reporters Without Borders. For each copy you purchase, you will donate € 30 to RSF.

The independent Italian magazine that talks about technology, the relationship between man and technology and the future is all the more necessary in this period. With interventions by distinguished technicians, philosophers, academics and entrepreneurs, he faces the challenges of technological development trying to create an awareness of the impact that each new technology can have on human beings.


Because we need beauty and there is nothing more beautiful than a magazine well done in terms of aesthetics and content. The stories between his (half) pages really keep company and the full-page photographic projects transport us to a distant elsewhere. We need it.
Find the number 2 HERE and the number 3 HERE

To make spring explode on your balcony, to distract yourself between a flower to be flared and a vegetable to grow, to be cradled in a world of colors and scents. Because taking care of the green is a bit like taking care of yourself.

Flow is not just a magazine, it is a lifestyle, a different approach to creativity. Each issue is a search for illustrators, creative trends, motivational quotes, small and large paper goodies to challenge yourself and start creating right away.

For true lovers of good food from around the world, with some inspirations, enjoy them to indulge themselves in the kitchen.

If you want a real distraction from bad thoughts, Italy's most beloved dirty magazine will surely make you spend unforgettable moments of mental and, why not, physical pleasure;)

March 14, 2020 — Dario Gaspari

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