Yogurt magazine


Yogurt is an Italian visual arts magazine and curatorial platform focused on contemporary photography. Born in 2015, this magazine is a stimulating showcase for photo book reviews, interviews and serial projects that address the threshold between the conscious and the subconscious. The magazine's goal is to trace a new direction in contemporary photography, with a distinctive editorial choice and a curatorial touch. 
Directed and edited by Francesco Rombaldi, with Luigi Cecconi as deputy director e researcher,

Dimensions: 24x33 cm
Number of pages: 92
Soft cover
Inner paper: Fedrigoni arena premium white 120 gr

Yogurt: BAD TASTE flavor
[…] The Bad Taste flavor is a metalinguistic provocation.
This number is meant to be an overture of aesthetic spite, a
celebration of kitsch, of the grotesque.
He wants to put a cruel focus on malpractice, bad habits,
about the excesses and disturbing anomalies of a hypertrophic, nauseated society
and, at times, nauseating. Trying, in this mapping, not to
impose no ethical filter on the proposed representations.
All the more so in such a hypercritical contemporary context,
in which the often arbitrary application of mass morals is more reminiscent
the square guillotine, which the good-natured but moderate reproach of
"Good family man".
With this flavor of Yogurt we hope to perform an exorcism,
where the aesthetics of bad taste, in its sophistication, come to fruition
more acceptable or, why not, necessary. [...]

Extract from the Bad Taste editorial