Violet Book n.15


Violet is a biannual and online platform born in 2014 to share powerful, intimate and wise stories of women, celebrating their experiences, age and honesty. 
With a female team, Violet introduces us in each issue of artists, writers, politicians and personalities of women chosen and admired by the editorial staff.
Among its pages we find fashion, art, motherhood, politics and protests for women's rights, all seasoned with a confidential tone, which puts readers at ease and makes them part of a community. 

ISSUE 15 - And the Sky Was Made of Amethyst
“I've always presented myself as very tough and I've been fine with it.
I had to be tough. But in terms of my psychic space, I'm not. 
I am so delicate, I think. This is why my self got sick, but also why I am improving. I am possessing my fragility ".
- COURTNEY LOVE, Singer, songwriter, artist