Tonic n.3


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The Tonic Mag is a fledgling English magazine that investigates the history, customs and pleasures of alcohol. With content of great depth it is an extremely interesting product because it tells about society, history and cultures through alcohol, becoming an object of great interest even for the less passionate about drinks, gin and rum. 
As for a good cocktail, each issue combines longforms and small interventions from all over the world that recount experiences of places and people who have made good alcohol a reason for living. 
The enthusiasts who brought this first independent publication to life are specialist industry experts who usually write about alcoholic beverages for The TimesThe AtlanticVanity Fair and The Guardian.
The Tonic wants to inspire and intrigue the reader towards physical venues and new products to be discovered around the world. The magazine is well edited from an editorial point of view and printed on a soft-touch cover. 

In this issue:
Susan Schwartz tells the story of Margie Samuels, the woman whose creative ideas made Makers Mark Bourbon what he is today.
Bruce McMichael takes us back in time to 1830 to meet his Viennese ancestors, who knew a thing or two about beer.
We all love the sound of a bottle of champagne being uncorked, but some love opening their champagne with a cavalry sword. Lauren Jade Hill teaches us the story of Sabrage.
Sarah Warwick challenges Canada's sub-zero temperatures to see how ice wine is made.
Sir Rodric Braithwaite tells us what it was like to be a diplomat in the 1960s and Tim Bird takes us to Finland, where a drink was invented for the 1952 Finnish Olympic Games.
And again the British Brewing Towns, limoncello in Italy, Hemingway in Spain, diversity in beer, the moonlight of Minnesota, English sparkling wine, Cambodian gin and the story of a former Yugoslav president who lives on a besieged island from giraffes, llamas, two elephants and a herd of Indian sacred cows where the queen once stayed.