Suitcase n.35


Suitcase is a quarterly magazine that aims to connect places and people, reinventing the role of travel magazines and, at the same time, the way of traveling itself, which must necessarily become slower and more aware.
Moving away from mass tourist destinations, this magazine focuses on less explored places, capturing the most adventurous and eclectic aspect, pausing to discover culture, art, culinary traditions and life as locals.

Number of pages: 164
Cover: soft
English language

The new issue of Suitcase is dedicated to celebrations, because after the last two years, we can (and must) find many pretexts to celebrate life and toast. 
In this edition we let ourselves be warmed by the sun that bounces on the snow in winter; we discover places to celebrate and landscapes to get lost in. We visit Brisbane, a city that has redefined itself through thriving creative neighborhoods and inherently optimistic nature, while the much-loved Ibiza shows us its off-season face, cleaned of nightlife makeup, to seduce us with its bright good looks.
We know the nomadic communities of Kyrgyzstan who live in harmony with nature; let's explore the renaissance of the restaurant industry; we listen to the jazz music that resounds from the streets of south-east London; we attend colorful festivals in Colombia and France and experience community cuisine, which creates new connections in a remote Sicilian city through the most joyful of essentials: food.