Soft Punk Magazine n.3


Soft Punk is a quarterly of art and literary culture, based in London and New York.
Born from the desire to support emerging writers and artists in making sense of our contemporary, the magazine was founded in 2019 by Jacob Barnes and Charlie Lee who were joined by graphic designer Sofie Præstgaard and editor Søren Jakobsen.
Emotional, insightful and occasionally brash visual elements alternate between its pages, with a generous space reserved for poetry and art.
Although the editorial guidelines are intentionally free, Soft Punk remains faithful to its mission: "In the void left by an increasingly narrow landscape of culturally curious outlets, we felt the need to move".

Number of pages: 160
English language


This number is a kind of testament not for future generations, "but for what current generations will become". With this premise, issue 3 of soft punk once again brings together some of the brightest writing minds in the independent world to create stories that try to imagine a future for those who live today. 
Inside we find from the violence in Kenya to the description of Joe Biden as the man who cannot end up under Impeachment, the monologue of an alcoholic father and other invented and para-dystopian tales that try to tell a very uncertain future.
Articles, reports, stories and poems are interspersed with excellent illustration works that color this issue with a force as powerful as it is disturbing. 

Cover by Virginia Zamoria