Sindroms - White Issue


Sindroms is the independent magazine dedicated to investigating the role of color in society. Every six months, this magazine was founded by illustrator and designer Miruna Sorescu and is produced by an all-female team based in Copenhagen.
Each issue is dedicated to a different color whose history and complexity are told, evoking the moods associated with it, the mental links, and representing its role through art, music, fashion, photography. and design.

Dimensions: 21x27.5 cm
Pages: 182
Cover: soft
English language

The third issue, White Sindrom, explores the color white through the concept of white canvas, intended as a starting point.
A blank canvas is not only the object that can be found in a painter's atelier, but are the possibilities that arise from nothing and that represent the transitions between creativity, emptiness, minimalism, balance, calm and perfectionism: these are, in fact , the main themes that this issue explores in its 186 pages.

In this issue there are contributions by: the writer Agnese Kleina (Benji Knewman), the illustrator Maria Sainte, the poetess Phoebe Wang, the couple of photographers and set designers Paris se quema, the architect Andrew Trotter, the stylist Denis Bjerregaard, the graphic designer Luke Hayman and many others.

Cover: Julie Bjarnhoff, Thomas Wiuf Schwartz