Selvedge n. 100


Selvedge is the magazine for those obsessed with fabrics, their infinite shades, touch and a thousand intertwining of yarns. It was born from an idea of Polly Leonard, an English woman who has dedicated a lifetime to studying them. After over 10 years of teaching in English universities in the field of design, he created Selvedge in 2013 with the aim of making it a unique magazine where you can immerse yourself very deeply in the study of this specific sector. 
Selvedge has become a reference for artisans who work fabrics with their hands and over time it has become a real reference brand that creates courses and products dedicated to those who work with fabrics every day. 

Number of pages: 94
English language

ISSUE 100  - Anniversary issue

In this number:
Kate Fletcher is frustrated by the effect the textile industry's response to the climate crisis is having. Could the solution be to ration the fiber that our clothes are made of?
The world of textiles has also changed. At the turn of the millennium, we were blinded by excessive consumption and ignored the environmental and social costs of mass production. Today it is vital for us to spread sustainable solutions, as well as to promote the work of indigenous artisans whose creativity has been neglected for too long.
The Selvedge community is excited about a handmade future. It therefore seemed right to focus this theme on cotton, a fiber whose history is intertwined with that of slavery and environmental destruction. Alden Wicker explores the human cost of recycled cotton, while Sarah Jane Downing retraces the impact cotton production had on Manchester during the industrial revolution. Maddalena Forcella celebrates the use of indigenous colored cotton in the work of designer Maude Lerayer.
It's not just Selvedge celebrating a centenary, our style icon Iris Apfel turns 100 this summer. We wish you a happy birthday!