Scenario n. 60


SCENARIO is the independent magazine of Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies on ideas, visions and possible futures. Founded in 2010 and with numerous awards to its credit, the magazine is developed in collaboration with the world's brightest leaders and minds. SCENARIO is about new products and new ideas that will define our long-term future. It gives you the information you need to make the right strategic decisions.

Its pages present the trends worth keeping an eye on in the fields of media, culture, consumption, communication, business, society, future studies and natural sciences. Where will the discoveries be made and what epochal and surprising discoveries will the trend-setters of the future be? What will affect the way we do business and create organizations, and how will we develop products, trade, travel, furnish our homes, understand geopolitical issues and get to the heart of complex structures of power? 
The magazine's ambition and success criterion is to challenge hypotheses, inspire and bring about change.

Dimensions: 31x22 cm
Number of pages: 78
Cover: soft
English language

ISSUE 60 - This is tomorrow

This issue focuses on the theory of Professor Minik Rosing, who believes that it is life that controls the earth and not the earth that controls life. This idea revolutionizes some theories that would like life conditioned to the actions of nature, and on the other hand places man as only one of the elements that make up life and, numerically, not even the most important. In addition to Rosing's theory, this issue also presents a genomics project by the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies itself, a reasoning on the future of Africa, the way in which synthetic biology inspires changes in architecture.