Profane n.13


Profane is a French independent magazine that moves between art and collecting and is characterized by truly experimental graphics.
Profane has only one hobby: the amateur, artist or collector, novice or expert, fervent admirer or creator in his spare time.
Profane has a creed: observe him, see him evolve, approach him in his environment, question his practice, alone or in a group, probe his secret passion or his private production.
Profane features a recurring hero rather than a discipline and welcomes him as a guest.
Profane speaks of those who love to do things, of those who find meaning in the beauty of the gesture, far from the official stands.

English language
Size: 15,6 x 23 cm
Number of pages: 252

Did you know that some airlines don't have 13th row seats on their planes? Maybe angel number 13 doesn't seem all that special to many of you, but if you think about it we all have fetishes and weird fears. 
And so this issue of Profane, in addition to being richer and with more pages than the previous ones, also has a certain something spiritual that leaves room for food for thought that goes beyond collecting and amateurism. 
Among these pages you will find automatic painting, psycho-magical acts, pareidolic visions, alternative education, the reactivation of childhood through play, disguise, rites of the past, dialogue with nature, cabinet of curiosities. Everything here is conducive to opening the doors of the unconscious and ensuring fun along with what the world stores, organizes and freezes.