Profane 12


Profane is a French independent magazine that moves between art and collecting and is characterized by truly experimental graphics.
Profane has only one hobby: the amateur, artist or collector, novice or expert, fervent admirer or creator in his spare time.
Profane has a creed: observe him, see him evolve, approach him in his environment, question his practice, alone or in a group, probe his secret passion or his private production.
Profane presents a recurring hero rather than a discipline and welcomes him as a guest.
Profane speaks of those who love to do things, of those who find meaning in the beauty of the gesture, far from the official stands.

English language
Size: 15,6 x 23 cm
Number of pages: 242

In this issue: 'What can we do when it is no longer possible to be together? One way can be to surround ourselves: with images, imaginaries, stories, visions, in the absence of people ... '

Editorial: "For six years we have been striving to reveal the discreetly engaged aspect in everyone, to express the stubborn dreams of people's lives, to show what the world weaves beyond the visible and orchestrated areas. The situation we are all experiencing. since our tenth issue of May 2020, and which seems to never end, has put reality in a glass case, a bit like a numb desire. The injunction to distance oneself from the world, which has once been social, cultural and collective that has been annihilated, from a domestic and private space that should be safe, has benefited the sale of puzzles, clay, paint, sewing supplies, cookbooks, board games, vegetable seeds, etc. Epiphanies have occurred personal.
We can rejoice in this, but is this how we imagined things? Is it possible to thrive when the surprise and novelty of the surrounding world are kept at bay, when abandonment and withdrawal prevail? It is too early to tell. So we have chosen to go on as before, with topics that rarely touch today's reality. "