Paraphilia # 2


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Paraphilia is a Kink and BDSM erotic magazine. The collective behind the magazine believes that fetishistic sexual practices, BDSM and any non-traditional ritual of sex practice, is a way to simulate and exorcise some of the social norms that life imposes on us. Fetishist practices are a paradigm used to simulate social patterns and actions that cannot be expressed otherwise. In their own way they can be considered real forms of art. 

The magazine presents itself as a sharing and information tool for those who use these practices and, at the same time, it is a way to support this community. It is in fact made in profit sharing and all contributors are paid with the proceeds of the magazine.

Inside it contains insights and articles on many fetish and BDSM practices, their configuration in today's society and the interpretation of their meaning. There are also true stories of those who practice fetish by expressing their experience and emotions. The written text is accompanied by erotic photos of great impact in telling the artistic side of the perversions.  

The paper product is very accurate graphically and in print quality. 

English language
Pages: 104


In this issue we find:

  • Three stories by Angela Adeena about the emotions and depth of fetish
  • "Heterophotography", a digression on the relationship between identity and shame by Georg Barkas
  • "BDSM as art, masochistic body art, power and sexuality" by Luca Federici
  • "Inside Flesh", where objects for erotic practices and their use are told with texts and words
  • "Fucking in both counts at once", where BDSM is a form of gender reinvention
  • "Ecstasy without god" by Teresa Geisler
  • "Inhabiliting Opecity" by A.L. Wadsworth
  • "The strange confession of Penelope" by Geoffroy Baud
  • "What is contemporary BDSM"? by Cnr Aphilia
  • At the end of the magazine, a throwback of at least 20 years in a list of very serious announcements, to be answered with paper letters

In addition to the articles mentioned, there are photographs and illustrations.