Pan and the Dream n.6


Pan and the Dream is an artist's magazine that is produced in 1000 individually numbered pieces.
It is the magazine of Paul Belford Ltd, an English creative agency with a long series of successes in the world of design and graphics that has decided to work on this publishing project. 
For each issue a theme is chosen on which selected artists, writers and photographers produce dedicated works. The result is a magazine with valuable content and design, to be leafed through with unusual delicacy due to the profound sense of beauty conveyed by each page. 
The amazement is given by the large format, by the white color that accompanies with purity photographic projects and author's texts that contain in this editorial work a great artistic and cultural value.

Prosopon, a person in the ancient Greek language, originally designated one's 'face' or 'mask'.

Cover photograph by William Waterworth.
2022 edition designed by Andrew Egan.

30 x 42 cm
192 bound pages
Edition of 1000 numbered copies