Lease n.13


NOMAS, which in Greek means nomad, is a biannual Athens-based magazine for the wanderers of this world. Walking through the streets of the city or wandering through the countryside, NOMAS looks at people and places with the curiosity, joy and desire of a Nomad to belong, even if for a short time, to another culture.
NOMAS explore a different destination in each issue. The magazine's editors and photographers immerse themselves in local life: art, fashion, food culture, famous and everyday people, all that make a place unique in an ever-changing world.
The magazine is printed on 120gr uncoated polar Munken paper. (because print matters). To make it unique, in addition to the contents, the different page formats: alternating with full-page photo shoots, there are texts and stories in a smaller format.

Size: 24 x 33 cm 
Cover: soft
Thread binding with visible gold
Number of Pages: 180
English language

The thirteenth edition of Nomas is a journey into contemporary art that has as its main theme the theme of 'time'.
Time to travel and time to dream, time to die and time to stand still. One consequence of the lockdown was the redefinition of our relationship with time. When everything stopped, the time available to us expanded, acquiring new meanings. It reminded us of Proust's lost and regained time, the "I like America and America like me" by the famous German artist Joseph Beuys, who in 1974 spent three days locked in a room with a wild coyote.
From these reflections comes the new issue of Nomas in which the times we are going through emerge through art.
Artists from all over the world and created original works on time for NOMAS Four eminent curators have selected their favorite artists and wrote a text each on time and art, time and madeleine, time and life of Proust; works and texts that ultimately speak of us and our time.

NOMAS # 13 is a special issue, because it leaves a mark to be collected over time. It is Noah's Ark of the precious things highlighted by the blockade imposed by the Coronavirus. Scrolling through its pages you may want to embark on a journey through contemporary art.