nomad is a design and society magazine that considers design as a process capable of shaping the future and catalyzing social developments and individual lifestyles. The goal of this six-monthly is to change the perspective with which we look at design and change its status from something extraordinary to a more common concept, which can be appreciated with greater simplicity and naturalness. 
Its pages explore not only the final results of design processes and the designers themselves, but also the effects and future potential of design culture for individuals and society as a whole, within the framework of a broader understanding of the design itself.
In this way, nomad seeks to assume new positions by offering different points of view: personal and economic, cultural and global.

Dimensions: 20X26 cm
Number of pages: 192
Cover: soft with dust jacket
English language


Issue 8 of the magazine is dedicated to the north. We visit Snøhetta, the internationally respected Oslo architects office and interview one of its founders, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen. In a former petrol station in Berlin, we meet the Danish-Norwegian art duo Elmgreen & Dragset. We speak to Sissel Tolaas, a Norwegian olfactory artist and researcher, and Julia Lohmann, professor of design at Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki, who applies a critical design perspective to an examination of the potential of seaweed. Photographer Marzena Skubatz contributes a portrait of Brekka, a remote village in the eastern fjords of Iceland and takes us to Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen, a Norwegian Sámi musician who combines modernity and Sami traditions. In the heart of traditional Aschau in Upper Bavaria, Nils Holger Moormann lives and breathes a completely different design culture with his furniture production, let's get to know his new "Brutus" chair. And Melanie Kurz, professor of design theory and history of design in Aachen, plays Swedish designer Carl Larsson and his book "Ett hem" (A Home), which was written over 100 years ago.