Nikkou # 3


"Daylight", "sun", there are many words or expressions that define Nikkou, from the Japanese Nikkō. And it is no coincidence that this independent magazine that comes from the Ivory Coast and which with its pages transmits all the power of the African continent, is so called.

Nikkou is the first African multicultural magazine that combines fashion, luxury and contemporary art, a magazine with a collectible value and an experimental vocation that does not use Africa as a background and decoration, but as a true creative topic.
Nikkou illuminates the world in its entirety and in its diversity, directing its gaze to the men and women who create the fashion, style, culture and art of yesterday and today, wherever they come from. 
With a strong visual identity, it cultivates an alternative vision and a unique aesthetic, which the creative industries need now more than ever, at the height of the 1920s.
Between its pages the visual codes are distorted: the classic gives way to audacity, genres mix, sumptuous prints and bright colors alternate with natural and exotic landscapes.

Beyond continents, languages, races, ages, sexes, cultures, religions and identities, this magazine is an ode to beauty, fantasy and perfection, it is an escape and, above all, a space of freedom and charm.

Dimensions: 22.5x20.5 cm
Number of pages: 288
Language: English and French