Moreness n. 1


Moreness is the first magazine of franzLAB, a Bolzano-based communication agency specializing in text design and editorial projects. 

It is a magazine that talks about the identity of a territory deeply linked to the mountains and its times, South Tyrol. Imagined by the authors as a real "Dolomite encyclopedia", it is a well-constructed mix between book and magazine that starts out as a trilogy from the first issue. Mountain Trilogy, a series of three bookazines that tell the mountain from top to bottom, starting from the high mountain to then tell the story of the forest and wood.

franzLAB wanted to represent in this magazine the concept underlying his artistic work: "more than apples and cows", the ability to tell the traditions of the Dolomite lands in a contemporary way. Moreness is the editorial transposition of the concept that leads the agency to always seek "more" in any context in which it works: in industry and culture, tourism and hotels, art and design, food and wine, fashion and music.

Particularly accurate in the choice of papers and typefaces, the work of typeklang, Moreness is a robust and deep magazine, which from the circular cutout on the cover seems to make the reader breathe the fresh breeze of the mountain air. 


ISSUE 1 - Above the Tree Line

The first issue of Moreness is dedicated to the high mountains. Architects, scientists, philosophers, artists and brave thinkers explore that piece of nature that watches over us from the treetops up, where the air is thin and pure. Cultural mountaineering, high-altitude design, mountain cinema are some of the topics covered in this issue. We talk about the culture, history and contemporaneity of the South Tyrolean Dolomites. 

Particular and useful is the choice of "quotes and notes" inserts in a smaller format within each article, where you can find further information and bibliographic references. 

Types of paper and photographs help the reader feel part of the high-altitude journey 


Cover: soft

Language: Italian / English / German

Pages: 192


Edition: 2000 copies

Images: © franzLAB / typeklang