Market Cafe n.7


A zine on data visualization: Market Cafe is the magazine that explains the world to us through information design.
Founded by two Italians based in London, Tiziana Alocci and Piero Zagami, Market cafe collects in its pages the microcosm of these incredible data translators that allow us to understand the world, a different topic for each edition, through crazy infographics. 

Each edition is in a limited numbered edition and no reprints are produced.

English language
Size: 17,5x21 cm
Singer binding
Edition: 800 numbered copies

ISSUE 7 - Beyond the black mirror
In this edition, we embark on a data journey like no other. We will transport you beyond the comfort of your familiar screens, beyond your cell phones, smart TVs, Amazon devices and laptops to experience data in an unconventional way and more tangible than ever.
We are pushing you beyond the black mirror.