Little White Lies n. 91

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Little White Lies is an independent bimonthly film magazine born in 2005 on the ashes of a bankrupt magazine and the dissertation of then founder and creative director Danny Miller. On the cover of each issue there is an illustration of a film to which the main review is dedicated and several in-depth articles. 
The films reviewed are rated according to three criteria on a scale of 1 to 5: expectation, pleasure and retrospective review.

As Miller tells in an interview, the first cover of the magazine was an illustration by Steve Zissou (the character played by Bill Murray in Wes Anderson's fourth film, The aquatic adventures of Steve Zissou), made only because the editorial staff could not afford to pay the copyrights of the photos. Yet, thanks also to that cover, Little White Lies has become a veritable cult magazine, elected by the Guardian as the best film magazine on the market.

"The latest issue of LWLies is particularly close to my heart or, more precisely, to my right thigh. After seeing Julia Ducournau's incendiary Titane, winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in May, I returned to London praising him and my colleagues David and Adam agreed: we had to make it the cover film for our November / December issue.
So it happens that a month later I find myself sitting on a film covered bed in a London tattoo studio, I wear my Fast & Furious branded pajama shorts and feel suitably uncomfortable as my friend Sophie tattoos my leg with one of her designs that will also become the our cover. 
In the spirit of the film, we knew we wanted to do something bold for this issue, related to the themes of transformation and body modification that Titane embraces, and when David came up with the idea of a cover with a tattoo, I volunteered. I am proud that a part of this glorious film has become a part of me.
In addition to being the first issue of LWLies to involve inking human flesh, I am also moved by the way our team of writers and illustrators have taken up the challenge and produced an issue that goes beyond the headlines to get to the metal heart. of this extraordinary and unique film. It is an exploration of cinema and of yourself, fasten your seat belt: it will be a journey from hell ", Hannah Strong