The Ramp


La Rampa, which takes its name from the famous final stretch of Calle 23 in Havana, is an independent magazine with a large format, halfway between a magazine and a book, which comes from Brazil.
The magazine focuses on new narratives and counter narratives, focusing on the main languages of resistance and analyzing how the past influences the present we are experiencing, to build the future.

Each issue presents a geo-political context, connected to a past shared by artists, writers and thinkers from different spheres and backgrounds.
The publication aims to challenge historical narratives that have influenced places, peoples and the way people see themselves, to stimulate new forms of resistance. 

Dimensions: 24.3X32.5
Number of pages: 220
Soft cover
Linga: English and Portuguese

The fourth issue of La Rampa is dedicated to Portugal and, in particular, to Black Portugal. Among its pages are interventions by academics, activists, writers and artists who analyze and interpret the complexity of contemporary Portugal, exposing its colonial wounds and embracing new and powerful voices. 
This issue of la Rampa is a sort of counter atlas reflecting the stories and narratives of the country's Africans and Afro, who are looking for alternative models of knowledge through the recovery of narratives and archive images.