King Kong


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King Kong is an independent biannual magazine that, between fashion and art, showcase the work of innovative artists, designers, models, musicians and photographers and creatives from every corner of the world.
Founded by architect Mikel Benhaim (and this already has the unusual), the purpose of the publication is to provide a platform where artists, without fear, can go beyond what is present in most magazines today.
An interesting aspect of King Kong magazine is certainly its layout that does not follow rules and is never consistent with itself, to give the reader a magazine that is always new, unexpected and sometimes chaotic where the layout of each edition and each editorial, it is chosen only on the basis of content ... and chance. This having no limits, rigid rules and graphic grids is what, according to Mikel Benhaim, allows graphic designers and the magazine itself to progress and evolve, all in full post-internet spirit.

Each issue freely revolves around a single theme, this edition is called Kings & Queens issue.

Various covers
English language