Further Reading n.3


Further Reading is an Indonesian design magazine.
It is the work of the collective of the same name Further Reading, which from Jakarta operates in the world of design and publishing organizing meetings, workshops and exhibitions.
Behind the collective is the hand of Each Other Company, an Indonesian design studio founded in 2015 and directed by Januar Rianto who has managed collaborations with Asian public bodies and private companies, also contributing to major international events such as the 2016 Jakarta Fashion Week. , the Korea-Indonesia Media Installation Art Exhibition 2016-2017, the Venice Biennale 2018 and others.
The studio is particularly attentive to the development of its design projects with an international outlook that combines education, design and popular culture.

Further Reading is the publication that perfectly condenses these 3 elements and their respective missions. Inside we find original works and works by Indonesian and international collaborators of the studio that tell today's design according to their eyes.
Each issue is dedicated to a theme on which all contributions revolve.

the first two issues were produced in limited editions of a few hundred pieces, printed in risographs with an obsessive attention to detail. They are small to medium-sized volumes that concentrate a much deeper attention to editorial detail than that widespread in the magazine culture in the West.
The coherence of care and deep attention both to the contents and to the aspect of the editorial object places this magazine among those examples to follow in the list of those who today want to rewrite the concept of publishing, in this case in the field of design. 

In its third issue, Further Reading explores the theme of graphic design and graphic design, up to now still perceived as a "Western" discipline, with working methods and perspectives that largely derive directly from the West.
This situation presents us with the imperative to deepen the practice of graphic design outside the current canon, particularly in the southern parts of Asia and neighboring countries.
The third issue begins with a visual abstraction on the juxtaposition of internal and external environments that constitutes a unique way of seeing. Then a ball of national history, heritage and identity, presented through a multitude of perspectives, each coming from different nations and cultural backgrounds. from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.
On a more personal note, the issue also features explorations of sexual identity through graphic design and life reports from very different countries in the form of a weather report.
We then move on to diasporic experiences, through a selection of books, which is then continued with an analysis of the immigrant's experience in cinema studies.

Dimensions: 130 × 190mm
Number of pages: 188
Printed in Risograph SF5350 on ecological certified paper