Free Time n.3


Free Time is an independent magazine that puts the spotlight on people who express themselves in their free time.
In an era of success-oriented culture, in which we have structured our society around work, far from "play", Free Time focuses on the importance of free time. A supporter of creativity, this magazine is an ode to self-expression, free creation and intuition: time seen as a constant source of inspiration.

We encourage savoring the time we have outside of our responsibilities in the modern world to undertake creative and mindful activities that we do for ourselves or for others. From creative hobbies and sports to actions to improve our world such as protest and education, or love and relationships, Free Time delves into life's most enlightened moments.

The third issue of Free Time is composed of a collection of posters that explore the theme of free time as a moment of transformation in which perspectives change and a transition begins. A moment to embrace the simplicity and mystery of life.
Alec Soth, Nick Sethi, Alix Lacloche, Alex Valentina, Sile Mario, Bea De Giacomo, Marton Perlaki, Ash Allen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Pol Anglada, Older, Gaspar Willmann, Chris Ashworth, Thomas Mailaender.