Flow Book for Paper Lovers 8


The Book for Paper Lovers is the annual publication of Flow, one of the most beloved mindfluness and craft magazines in the world, a publication that screams loudly that paper is not dead and that it is here to stay. 

The main projects in this book were illustrated and conceived by: Yelena Bryksenkova (Canada), Maartje van den Noort (Netherlands), Jen B. Peters (United States), Marisol Ortega (United States). 

In the book you will find more than 300 pages of beautiful cards:

  • Stationery and postcards, mini posters and tissue paper.
  • Paper to fold and paper to cover a notebook.
  • Stickers and labels.
  • A clock and a folding poster with reading tree.
  • Keyboard stickers and stickers to create a puzzle with.
  • A turntable-shaped booklet, a small pop-up tent, beautiful postcards, envelopes, three mini notebooks and of course sheets of wrapping paper with beautiful prints.

Dimensions: 24.5x19 cm
Number of pages: 300+
English language