Emergence n.3


 Emergence magazine is an independent magazine dedicated to exploring the connections between ecology, culture and spirituality.
On an annual basis, it offers a collection of essays, poems, adapted multimedia stories and photographic essays.
Extremely curated both from the point of view of editorial design and content, each issue is an invitation to slow down and enjoy the timeless stories it brings back.

It has always been a radical act to share stories during dark times. They are regenerative spaces of creation and renewal. As we experience a loss of connection with the earth, we share stories that explore the timeless links between ecology, culture and spirituality.

Number of pages: 286
English language

ISSUE 3 - Living with the Unknown
After more than two years of instability triggered by the pandemic, apocalyptic visions are becoming a lived reality, as the effects of climate collapse rapidly increase and failing social and economic structures reveal the fragility of our modern industrial lifestyle. The cracks in the system are becoming chasms.
What does life look like in an unfolding apocalyptic reality? The third issue of Emergence magazine explores this question through four themes - Initiation, Ashes, Roots and Future - moving from the raw unawareness of transformation to a place of possibility. We have commissioned new works from writers, artists, photographers and poets, inviting them to respond to these themes. Within these pages you will experience fallen leaves, emerging cicadas, changing arctic landscapes, reflections on motherhood and beauty, kinship among trees, internal migrations and imagined post-apocalyptic realities.

VINYL - Living with the Unknown
Volker Bertelmann, Oscar-nominated composer (aka Hauschka), created a complementary soundtrack for the third volume of Emergence magazine. Its visceral score offers a powerful space to meet the questions and ideas posed in this volume. Each track corresponds to one of the themes: Initiation, Ashes, Roots and Futures.
The 180-gram vinyl limited edition is accompanied by a 24-page catalog featuring the artwork of internationally acclaimed artist Ann Hamilton.