Drawing No 31


Disegno is a London-based design magazine. The goal of this magazine is to be an independent reference point in its field, with in-depth longforms and articles from sector criticism. Inside we find reportages, photo shoots, interviews, reviews and debates from all over the world that animate the discussion in this field. 
Starting from design, Disegno ranges in architecture, fashion, urban planning, graphics and technology. Drawing is also a physical hub that organizes exhibitions, events and meetings where new ideas and trends ferment.

English language
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 22x27.5 cm

In this issue of Disegno Journal:
- An exploration of fashion accessory photos through the work of Matty Bovan;
- plastic waste, biodegradable alternatives and the environmental cost of Shellworks packaging design;
- a trip to Himalayan Ladakh, whose vernacular architecture is threatened by constitutional change;
- a design study on OnlyFans and online Puritanism;
- a look at the public space in Hong Kong;
. a series of trips to Gipsön, the radioactive phosphogypsum island of Sweden;
- a discussion of how design should treat plants;
- a meeting with MSCHF to talk about consumerism, satire and design criticism.