Counterpoint n.21


Counterpoint is an independent journalism and illustration magazine from Edinburgh, Scotland. Each issue is published in a few hundred pieces, which in the reduced number of pages seeks a perfect synergy between illustrations and original texts. 
In fact, each edition focuses on a specific topic, on which independent journalists from all over the world offer their research and analysis contributions, in symbiosis with a strong illustrated component. The pursuit of editorial perfection is maniacal.
Counterpoint is finely printed in risograph on recycled paper and with soy-based ink. 

The two minds behind it are those of Sam Bradley, independent journalist, and Bethany Thompson, illustrator. The magazine was born exclusively online in 2013, and then landed on the print media looking for an interest in a physical product that, despite its few pages, could concentrate a fine physical beauty in addition to the contents.
The business model of this magazine is based on the fair distribution of proceeds among all the journalists and illustrators who contribute to each issue.

In this number:
- Violence in video games and virtual imperialism
- Sex toys and LGBTQ + censorship in Scotland
- The White Pube on game criticism
- Board game psychodrama
- Perfection of the playlist
- The future of Fringe of Color
-Nightclub and asili nido
- The drum machine manifesto
- Open art galleries with Illustrator
- Charlotte Henderson
- Beautiful illustrations by Jonny Mowat, Steph Coathupe, Jemima Muir, Roanna Farmer, Jet Hilferink, Vanessa Lovegrove and Ot Pascoe.

English language
Pages: 39
Edition: 400 numbered copies