Canvas n.101


Founded by Ali Y. Khadra in 2003, Canvas is the leading contemporary art magazine dedicated to the Middle East.
With the aim of offering an exhibition space (virtual and paper) for Middle Eastern artists, this magazine has become the protagonist of the growth of the local art scene, but above all of its international diffusion.
Based in Dubai, Canvas is at the forefront of arts education and cultural debates with contributions from leading figures in the art world.

Dimensions: 23.5x30 cm
Number of pages: 172
Cover: soft
English language

In this issue, we look at how artists use different stories and narratives to express their ideas on a range of topics that affect us all.
Throughout history, humanity has evolved and adapted modes of communication from bodily gestures as ways to spread knowledge, teach lessons and morals, share culture and history, and exert influence.
We also explore how artists use idioms and phrases to convey messages, ideas of identity and collective community.
Cover: Faithfully Yours (2021) di Khaldoun Hijazin.