Cactus # 10


Cactus is an Italian magazine of fashion and visual culture. Born as a fashion magazine, the magazine founded in 2015 from an idea of three young Milanese creatives (Luca Smorgon, Giovanni Grosso and Valeria Peschechera), today presents itself as an avant-garde window on contemporaneity. 

Among its pages there are fashion services, but above all the proposals of carefully selected artists for a potpourri of art, fashion, photography and culture.
Although the individual works of art are valued on the basis of the identity of each artist, leafing through Cactus one gets the impression of experiencing emotions and sensations in a continuum of images and words that barely let perceive the gap between one service and another. 

Today Cactus is a 360-degree magazine that from fashion has become a reference point for the visual arts and those involved in visual and art direction. Each issue is amazed by the always different format. 

ISSUE 10 - To Zero Power

This issue opens with the brilliant idea of three plastic strips that enclose the magazine. What were once straps that held together heavy kilos of low quality paper, today are the symbol of security of a truly exclusive magazine and a well-finished editorial product. The contributors of this edition are:

Pablo Arroyo, Blackhaine, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Pietro Cocco, Matthieu Delbreuve, Penny Goring, Rita Lino, Shawn Maximo, Davide Meneghello, Trevor Paglen, Bart Julius Peters, Gabriele Rosati, Marinella Senatore, Davide Stucchi, Benjamin Vigliotta