BranD n.57


BranD is a trade magazine for those who deal with brand design for those who want to stay updated on what is happening in this world, engaged in the incessant search for its renewal. Bimonthly, it is published in Hong Kong by Sendpoints Publishing Co. Ltd. 
Its pages talk in depth about design and typography through the analysis of dozens and dozens of brand design projects from all over the globe. BrandD defines a new way of looking at communication design by presenting, researching and displaying excellent works including visual art, advertising, products, graphics, interiors, architecture, etc. Each issue also includes articles and insights from sector.
The Community section brings together designers, artists, art directors, marketing specialists and business strategists to reflect on communication design for business.

Number of pages: 200 
Dimensions: 29,5 x 22,5 cm
English language

In the era of market segmentation, individual reading needs have become increasingly evident and the form of publishing has been redefined accordingly. Thus self-publishing quickly transformed into an emerging powerhouse in the publishing industry. Self-publishing not only satisfies the individualized expression of creators, but also explores different structures and bookbindings from a modern perspective, breaking the former traditional way of presenting works.
The bookstore industry, which is closely connected with the publishing industry, has extended its supply chain to the independent bookstore, which has a personal book selection standard. The owner of the independent bookstore critically selects publications and products that are in accordance with the temperament of the bookstore (of course this is not always the case, but ideally it is). The independent bookstore plays, in the most virtuous examples of a bookstore, a leading role in the community and even in society.