Blumenhaus n.1


Blumenhaus is a luxurious hybrid between an art book and a magazine, founded and designed by Camille Gressier and Isabelle Laydier Kristensen.
This new independent magazine travels back in time with a philosophical and romantic approach. to explore the world of art and fashion through botany.
Written exclusively in English by a group of professionals and journalists specializing in botany, it focuses as much on the aesthetic side - mixing contemporary images and ancient archives - as on providing insights to its readers.

Dimensions: 25x35
Number of pages: 196
Soft cover
English language

In this number:
- The growing popularity of herbal medicine
- The history of flower paintings by Dutch Renaissance artists 
- The four Seasons
- Flowers and leaves, the Indian way
- The strangest orchid specimens
- The Italian architecture of Renzo Mongiardino
- The gardens of England 
- Pia Riverola's Hong Kong Florists
- A California diary by Lucie Bascoul
- A top 5 of dream destinations painted by Jenny Ronen
And more…
Fashion editorial by Jesse & Jimmy Marble, Raquel Chicheri, Angela Blumen, Takeuchiss, Melanie Rodriguez, exclusive flower arrangements and artwork by Rosie Harbottle, Jenn Sanchez, Mike Willcox, Sofia Iva, Emily Isabella.