Archive N. 5 - The nineties issue


ARCHIVIO is an innovative Italian publishing project which, unique of its kind, focuses exclusively on the culture and reality of the archive. The most interesting aspect of this semester, in addition to enhancing the enormous cultural heritage represented by the historical archives, is that it looks at them with contemporary eyes, to want to teach how memory becomes the future. 
Each issue explores a theme from different points of view: art, fashion, culture, sport, design, cinema, science, or photography. Among its pages you can find a selection of high quality images and exclusive content.

Issue five of the Archive inaugurates the second cycle of this magazine which revisits not only the graphics and the format, but also the editing, the structure, the objectives and the interpretations.
This new series will develop taking four decades as reference periods and, within each decade, a specific year will be chosen to dedicate that number to.
Number 5 takes us back to 1991, when a very crammed Vlora ship from Durres docks at the port of Bari, when in fact in the collective imagination the Yugoslavia that ceases to exist, changes its face and begins a transformation that continues today.
The summer of 1991 is a memory for many Italians that Archivio Magazine documents by proposing some of the most avant-garde journalistic contents of the time. Fear of foreigners and willingness to help were two choices, two ways of approaching each other, which began to divide people and ignite the Italian political debate.
In addition to this, the issue offers us other stories from the archives of the time and in particular a long photographic reportage of objects that tell by themselves, with the power of their image, the everyday life of the lives and social conflicts of that decade. 

Dimensions: 21X26 cm
Number of pages: 176
Cover: Fedrigoni Constellation softcover
Language: English + insert with Italian translations 
40x60 cm poster for free