Do you want to travel backpacking, in unknown lands, very cold or very humid, where there is no one and the places seem like an Eden of the best dreams? Read on Run Wild and of this desire there will be more. Tremendously more.

Run Wild is a self-produced travel magazine with visibly independent characters. It is the report of Carsten Coles' incredible travels in naturalistically drooling places, which you will not find on any social media and who is editor of the magazine and has edited many texts and photography.





This magazine, printed in Sheffield, England, is a postcard from the places you have always dreamed of if you have that concept of a wild journey in the midst of nature and the forces that represent it in your heart. In the places visited by Run Wild it seems very often that the Anthropocene is still far from arriving and man is only a very humble visitor to landscapes of breathtaking magnificence and prohibitive climatic conditions. 

If your dream is a holiday in London, Berlin, Costa Smeralda or in any tourist village in Kenya, forget it, we are not there. Run Wild may only be useful for the breathtaking landscape photographs that if you keep it up you will never find.

If, on the other hand, your dream (or concrete, possible reality) is a journey for which you feel sufficiently physically prepared, throw yourself into reading this magazine. It will give you ideas for the next destinations to visit or, at least, to dream about. The large number of photos is accompanied by the texts of Carsten and the other contributors of Run Wild that take you to the Amazon rainforest, to Mykines, a microscopic Faroe island, in Iceland, in the Arctic Circle, in New Zealand, in the mountains of Iran, in Colombia, among wolves and windstorms. With Camilla Marie Jensen you will then enter a scientific station in the Arctic to study the devastating effects of climate change and to understand the similarities between ice and tree bark.



The magazine ends with an invitation to enjoy and the images on paper, perhaps on a rainy day, daydreaming. Because, let's face it, even with a tent and backpack on your shoulder, the places of this first issue of Run Wild remain difficult destinations to reconcile with family budgets and working times. But they are destinations far from the mass tourism that has destroyed entire cities, villages and natural places. These places and their dream are addictive. And the task of this magazine is also to take you with your heart in the absolute wildest, while you are at home, relaxing, with 35 ° outside in the shade in the city center or in the autumn with the fog and smog that suffocate.

Frab's makes you available Run Wild here. It's a good reason to stay in an armchair and continue dreaming or take courage and prepare to leave. 

July 01, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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