Wild Alchemy Journal n.3


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Wild Alchemy Lab is a new independent transdisciplinary journal created by the experimental botanical studio Mama Xanadu.
It can be considered as a vehicle with which to explore our relationship, now in crisis, with nature and with the cosmos through both a scientific and esoteric lens. Starting from the axiom that all universal phenomena are related to each other, the magazine focuses equally on plants, planets and people.
Alchemy is the arcane art of transformation, the physical and psycho-spiritual practice of elevating the basic elements of our experience to a noble state. At the heart of alchemical philosophy is the death process: death generates life. To evolve beyond the crisis, obsolete systems are dissolved to be reconstituted in a new and better way.

The third edition of Wild Alchemy, after having explored the elements of Earth and Fire, focuses on the third element, WATER. The volume is a collection of works of art, texts, sounds, smells and films from over 70 contributors who navigate the third element of the series.

Dimensions: 24.5x33.5 cm
Number of pages: 72
Cover: soft with dust jacket that becomes a poster
English language

Limited edition