Blank # 3


EMPTY is a transmedia public space created to host: collective investigations on the city as an unstable system, public reflections on unpredictability as paradigms, productions of physical and cognitive landscapes based on the idea of the unexpected, research into non-deterministic ways of intervening on the urban.

EMPTY Not it's a book - EMPTY Not is an artist's book - EMPTY Not is a magazine - EMPTY Not it's a journal - EMPTY Not it's a fanzine - EMPTY Not has an annual plan - EMPTY Not has a theme - EMPTY Not has a format - EMPTY Not has an editorial staff - EMPTY it is not empty

Dimensions: 14x20 cm
Number of pages: 110
Soft cover
Italian language

The third issue of Vuoto, selected for Frab's Secret Mag Club, is dedicated to the concept of the Party, intended as a collective rite. 
Whether spontaneous or formal, the party has always been a moment of suspension of everyday life and the normal use of spaces, it is freedom, it is breaking, sometimes it is even exaggeration. 
In this edition, the editorial staff of Vuoto asked artists and creatives to pause and reflect on the concept of party, resulting in a picture of artistic and non-artistic practices that incorporate within it the dimension of the party that often becomes an exorcism to our fears.