Véhicule n.2


Véhicule Avant-garde Transportation is the only magazine focusing on the history of offshore powerboating with in-depth research and ad-free journalism.
It is a magazine for a few connoisseurs of high-end boating and motor sports, with a highly sought-after design, stories, interviews and in-depth inquiries in the most current and cutting-edge panorama of today's world of engines.
The magazine is created by Studio Kippenberger, a well-known and established reality that works in the design of speed sports and is dedicated to those who love engines and their design. 
It is a truly sought-after collector's item.

English language
Dimensions: 27 × 21 cm
Pages: 160
Hand assembled in Germany

At the heart of the second edition of Véhicule is a dive into the underground world of offshore powerboating. Our investigation into the world's most dangerous sport begins in the 1970s with BEN KRAMER, a South Florida kid with a penchant for high-speed life. In Miami, thrill seekers quickly intertwined the world of speed with that of drugs in those years. This is the story of Kramer's life and times: his racing and smuggling careers, business relationships, partners, ultimate downfall, and how the American justice system distorted the murder of boating star Don Aronow. against him.
And again in this issue:
THE BICYCLE CLUB: An in-depth look at the Bicycle Club's original casino, founded by Ben Kramer and Randy Lanier.
BOB SACCENTI: First-hand accounts of powerboating history with industry legend and Apache Powerboats founder Bob Saccenti.
APACHE 47 'BY KRAMER: Insights into the restoration of Ben Kramer's Apache 47'.
JUAN ALMEIDA: of Operation Odessa on the legendary Fort Apache of Thunderboat Row.
JEFF KOONS designs for the superyacht Guilty.
ERWIN WURM on sculpture and society.
HENRIK PURIENNE captures the moment.
HARMONY KORINE breaks up the boating scene.