Garageland n.1


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GARAGELAND is a new independent Italian magazine that, on a quarterly basis, tells us about the lively world of subcultures: sounds & visions that tell the cults deriving from the common rock matrix from within and with a very rich iconographic apparatus.

In the first issue of GARAGELAND:
"Under the lantern of Genoa: interview with Fabrizio Barile"
"The rebel of the hill: interview with Valerio Lazzaretti"
special Romper Stomper: the strange relevance of a bonehead movie  
From the blackness at the darkness through pop
Skinheads conquer the Moon
Youth cults: a comparison between Italy and the place where they were born, between yesterday and today
The Redskins of West Berlin
Zoot Riots… and much more!

Dimensions: 20,5 x 28 cm
Italian language