Courier n.42


Courier is a London self-employed magazine. Since 2013 he has been telling the stories of small entrepreneurs and people who have created a company out of their passions every two months. The editorial staff's motto is "Work better, live smarter, be happier", in the sense that the entrepreneurship he talks about is not that of large companies, but of those who today manage to realize themselves by building a future on their passions. In fact, the Internet offers, today more than ever, the possibility of starting from scratch and forging a small company with your own hands that makes us feel more fulfilled and, in some ways, even free. 
It contains stories, tips, suggestions and interviews on how to manage your business.

This edition of Courier is all about the "active" economy by celebrating the fitness, health and wellness brands that are working hard and taking advantage of new opportunities. The space for health and fitness has evolved and the opportunities within it are endless. Let's discover some of the most profitable and fascinating businesses, from indoor climbing to sportswear for religious communities, to hydration brands and micro gyms. And again, what does it take to launch a recycled surfboard brand? Why is now the right time to start a sauna business?
We also know many people who are changing the face of the industry.