Panteon n.3


Panteon (without H) is a new Italian architecture magazine, published twice a year.
The founders say it is an anachronistic enterprise: anachronistic is the content, anachronistic is the product, anachronistic is its use. And actually, looking at it carefully, it has something out of time, it will be for the type of paper chosen, it will be for the large format, it will be for the skilful use of black and white able to give even more charm to the photos that stand out in the large blank pages. Maybe just because of the color of the cover, but yes, Panteon is the anachronistic editorial project we were missing.

The protagonist is the architecture of the city of Rome, all built between 1911 and 1989 within the GRA, our contemporary city walls, whose analogies are arbitrary and questionable.
Panteon aims to be a platform for architectural debate using the city of Rome as a pretext, as an infinite warehouse from which to draw answers to a potentially infinite number of questions.
Each issue is made up of a set of texts, collected through an open Call for Papers.

Dimensions: 29.7X42 cm
Language: Italian and English

Alessandro Volta Technical Institute
 editorial by Luca Galofaro
Pontifical School of the Brothers of Our Lady of the
- by Iacopo Benincampi and Cristian Sammarco
Comprehensive Institute Giovanni Cagliero
 by Giorgia Aureli
San Leone Magno Institute
by Jacopo Costanzo and Lorenzo Leonardo Pizzichemi
Borgoncini Duca Comprehensive Institute
by Giorgio Quintiliani