Why a print magazine today? This is the question that I hear most often and that, myself, I always ask those who decide to publish a magazine. The answer may seem obvious, yet if we consider the resources necessary to create the pages we love to leaf through, read and leaf through again, the choice of creating a non-digital magazine may seem crazy.

We have already told you in detail the expenses that those who take their steps in the world of periodical publishing must prepare to face, yet niche magazines continue to thrive and every day we see the launch or relaunch of titles ready to enrich our libraries. .
The reasons are different and every now and then remembering them is good, as a reminder of how the death of printed paper is one of the most unfortunate prophecies in history, think that it has even been talked about since 1894, when Octave Uzanne and Albert Robida gave it to the press (irony of fate!) the illustrated story The end of the books.

In short, luckily for us, print is alive, as are niche magazines, and it is for its intrinsic qualities, but also for what we could define emotional and relational qualities. Paper is tangible, it remains in time, involves more than one sense, creates an ever-changing dialogue between text and image, plays with its shape, forces slowness and reflection, but is also capable of generating relationships.

These are the reasons that in the last two years we have been given by the many to whom we have asked: "what is the meaning of a print magazine today?". You can find the complete interviews in our Frab's Journal, but here we leave you the answer to this key question, which is stimulus and inspiration.


"For us, paper is a need, it is a physical means of communication that does not travel through infinite pixels and scrolls in an application, the magazine is an object to touch, to preserve, to smell, it is a multisensory experience that a screen cannot reach in any way "
Jesy Moliterno and Uliana Sgura, Bloody Mary 

“The magazine is a timeless product that we see eternal in our readers' bookstores. In a world where everything is now digital and momentary, we like to think that Mulieris is a permanent project, printed on paper and preserved with love "
Greta Futura Longianni, Sara Lorusso and Chiara Cognigni, Woman's magazine 

For me the meaning of a paper product is one hundred compared to the zero of a digital product. I started collecting fanzines and picture books as a child and for me they are essential because if I did not have a physical counterpart I would not be able to draw inspiration
Marco Nicotra, It was Paper

"The physical component of the narrative is as fundamental as the story itself: the materials chosen convey precise meanings and are clear meta-narrative references"
Giovanni Cavalleri and Zeno Toppan, How many

“We feel the need for a slow path, reasoned and built over time and paper is the means par excellence to make slowness physically. Furthermore, now - even more than a few years ago - those who decide to follow the paper path do so by seeking excellence. The books and especially the paper magazines of a certain type, are on average beautiful and well-finished in every aspect "
Agnese Porto and Giammaria De Gasperis, Rvm Magazine

See: “I think that the magazine (or print media in general) is also the pretext for meetings, it is an object that is donated / loaned / shared / delivered and opens up to knowledge and relationships. With a magazine made entirely digital, the relational element would be completely missing "
Maria: "Its nature as a graphic object is an integral part of the content of the magazine and its nature as a project"
Robida Magazine

“It makes sense to create a historian, something that remains. Ours is an archive project of stories that happen in the present but which obviously turn to the future. We want to tell Milan over time and paper is the only thing that lasts "
Sebastiano Leddi, Perimeter

"We are living in an ever faster world, where the time for creation, use and dissemination of the material object has decreased. We felt the need to slow down, and we think it will be an increasingly shared need "
Eki magazine

“I am a bibliophile, literary woman, who loves to stick my nose into old and new books, be influenced by the scent of paper and chase the heroes who populate it. It is inevitable to choose the form of the paper magazine "
Antonella Pescetto, Orlando Tales

"Even if we are not immune to the charm of the editorial object as such, the real reason is that, in our opinion, the format of the book (or in this case of the magazine) is the best technology to enjoy long stories, as we want them. in MANARÒT ".
The team of Manarot

"We have always been fascinated and great supporters of paper projects: the book as an object, but also as a means of communication and above all of expression"
The team of Contemporary Archive


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March 18, 2022 — Anna Frabotta

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