Finally Frab's Magazines & More is online. With a lot of emotion and even a little fear, in a historical period that makes inculturation a value, we have decided to invest in the value of culture.

Frab's is the project we have been working on for months: spreading a type of publishing capable of closing with the past and opening up to new frontiers. Independent magazines as art objects with attention to aesthetics and contents, ready and invading us with their paper scent. Selected to give collectors items to those who want to be part of our community.

We have chosen not to have all the independent magazines in circulation: our catalog currently contains about 70, from all over the world. Others will be added, but we do not claim to become a magazine vending machine. For years and increasingly in recent months we carry out a meticulous work of scouting and selection of the best magazines based on accuracy and refinement of content, design and choice of materials. We are open to proposals and recommendations of new magazines to be put in the catalog, but we are very clear that we want to become a reference point for those looking for quality and exclusivity for magazines that know how to look to the future and become a collector's heritage tomorrow. 

Now let's go. Are you ready to be surprised?

March 15, 2019 — Anna Frabotta

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