Frab’s is the friend you bring to an exhibition, the one that if she walks down the street and sees something that intrigues her, drags you with her in her thirst for knowledge. She is the one who travels to be amazed, to tremble at the sight of wonders, to experience different emotions and to return home with something more. It is also what she experiments in the selection of independent magazines to make you discover the beauty that shines through every millimeter of their ink, in every seam of their pages.
And for a few days Frab's is also the one that finally gave shape and substance to that "& More" that you find at the bottom of our logo.

The section "Things from Frab's”, Where you will find objects and materials that can be useful companions for all lovers of independent magazines, paper, slow and analog writing. They are objects that we select with the same care with which we select magazines and that cannot be separated from being tremendously beautiful and able to last over time.

At the moment, in our selection you will find pencils and pens for taking notes or drawing, backpacks to always carry magazines and notebooks to keep your thoughts with you. Over the next few months, Frab's experience will become more and more complete, to support you in your reading experience at any time, because you know,  being a lover of magazines is a lifestyle to be expressed at 360 degrees.

Selected brands: 
Kaweco: with 110 years of history behind it, the most famous German pocket and clutch fountain pen in the world arrives at Frab's along with colorful pencils and ballpoint pens. 

Sticky Lemon and Monk & Anna: we discovered these two brands for the first time in a small shop in Ljubljana. Eco-friendly, colorful or elegant, with a minimal design that stands out. we couldn't not have them on our shop. Backpacks and cases made with plastic from recycled bottles, fun and colorful or elegant notebooks: here are the Sticky Lemon and Monk & Anna worlds to be discovered. 


September 15, 2020 — Dario Gaspari
Tags: Stationary

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