ACT (See The Act) Magazine is an editorial experiment entirely dedicated to art that intrigued us for the charismatic and hypercreative figure of the mind that gave birth to it: Wassim Fakhouri , a young and eccentric artistic director who divides his life between Toronto and Beirut, his homeland. 
We liked the magazine so much that, without hiding a hint of pride, not only did we bring it to Italy, but we sent this one to our subscribers. Secret Mag Club in April. But we didn't stop there, we contacted Wassim and, with the whimsical twists and turns that belong to him so much, he told us something more about why he gave life to this magazine, printed for the first time in February 2020 in 500 copies. .

To get started, tell us what ACT is and what it does.
See The ACT (Art - Culture - Talent) is a multidirectional creative studio, specializing in publishing, art direction and visual arts in general. ACT studios offer photography, film, event, branding and design services. 
ACT Magazine is an independent magazine founded in 2020 and based in Toronto. Our goal is to be a destination to satisfy anyone with an aesthetic hunger and a place to showcase unique and creative people and artists of all kinds. We feature interviews, editorials and stories from various artists, creatives and talents from around the world. 

ACT (Art, Culture and Talent) is an expressive platform, a place to create, communicate and inspire. It is a journey for your mind and an escape from your everyday problems. A game with all the elements; a complete official act. The process we went through to create this magazine is the same one we go through when we write a film: research and the desire for expression. ACT creates a tribe so you can belong to it; it can be your place of comfort and your escape. Presents articles that express and represent each of the contributors in their own words. 

The themes that ACT deals with in each article are related to various topics, from social situations to politics, economics and travel, bearing in mind that art is at the center of everything. It is a project that is inclusive of all forms of visual expression.

What is the process from which ACT was born?
ACT is the editorial result of long years of film studies, art direction projects and a career in the fashion and styling industries. The artists who talk about themselves between the pages of the magazine cannot be framed in a single career or lifestyle. What is certain is that they are all true artists, those who breathe art day and night, who see it in every aspect of daily life and for whom inspiration is everywhere.

It is a long commitment project and also a long process of observation. Reading is an activity that has been neglected for too long, which we enjoyed much more in the past. After a long observation and research, the need to create this art magazine was born. 

We made sure that our visual with all its artistic and creative prowess was as important as the words and articles we included. All articles are written by our collaborators and, where necessary, we have also included bibliographic references. There are also some illustrated pages, mindful of the fact that one of the favorite activities of us kids of the 90s was coloring. It is a way to reconnect with ourselves and "refocus" the mind. Finally, there is also room for literature and poetry, two important keys to access the imagination. We've added this extra layer of inspiration so the whole magazine helps the reader create and imagine.

What will you talk about in the next issues of ACT?
Our next topics will be equality and feminism.


If this magazine has intrigued you, find the first issue of ACT on Frab's HERE


May 10, 2020 — Clean Canvas Collaborator

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