I want to describe a moment that for me is synonymous with personal well-being: the protagonists are me, a good magazine, the armchair (one of the reclining ones of the grandmother which, although not the latest, are really comfortable), a blanket possibly in tweed with natural tones and a couple of cats. 
A moment of well-being for me is exactly this: time spent calmly reading an independent magazine, savoring its pages starting from their scent and the porosity of the paper that caresses the touch, up to immersing oneself in its words that make up wonderful stories and images so vivid that we experience what we read.
All accompanied by the slowness that the magazines you find on Frab's deserve, but which we also deserve. It is not for nothing that (slow) time is the prerogative of every independent magazine which, as if to underline that beautiful and well-done things take time, always have a long frequency: quarterly, more often six-monthly, sometimes annual, others even open it goes to print without haste, when you feel ready. 

We often find this slowness also in the contents, which invite you to embrace a conscious life, slow the English would say. 
We have selected five inspiring independent magazines that invite us to slow down, offering us ideas and good reasons for a more conscious lifestyle.

It comes from Australia and is dedicated to women (and men) who want to read something intelligent, but also funny, sarcastic and curious. Among its pages you can find art, photography, fashion, travel, music, crafts and real life stories that aim to surprise and delight readers on each page.
We like it because:
It is fresh and colorful, it inspires us with projects and life stories, it is full of illustrations, tips, diy, it is a bit like that friend with whom we can't wait to have a coffee to free your mind. And then he gives us posters and paper goodies for every issue!


With elegant, clean and minimal graphics, Kinfolk is an institution when it comes to slow living and learning to do what you really love. On a quarterly basis, each issue of the magazine revolves around a theme on which writers, designers, photographers, artists and creatives are called upon to discuss.
We like it because:
Do not be fooled by its perfect aesthetics, because this magazine manages to combine beauty with the depth of content rich in value. It is not for nothing that a real community of enthusiasts was born around this magazine.

Dedicated to all people with a nomadic soul, Suitcase is a quarterly magazine that collects travel stories and useful advice on places to visit. Moving away from mass tourist destinations, Suitcase will take you to little explored places, capturing the most adventurous and eclectic aspect.
We like it because:
He succeeds in reinventing the role of travel magazines and of the same way of traveling, which becomes slower and more aware. The truly inspiring photographs will make you mentally plan your next adventure!

A magazine created to celebrate craftsmanship, beauty, passion and all manual skills could only end up rightfully in this selection of magazines. Among these pages, stories of dedication and of people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style (which, however, does not leave the magazine!).
We like it because:
It is a unique mix of stories of craftsmanship, beauty, passion and skill, accompanied by a very high quality of paper and materials. And then we love the name! Did you know that Hole & Corner is an old English saying that indicates a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream. 

Oh magazine
Colorful illustrations and beautiful images accompany us through the pages of this Mindfulness magazine that invites us to rethink our way of life and to look at things from different points of view. Inside you won't find long to-do lists, but reads to get carried away by and deeply human stories.
We like it because:
Oh it's like a place where there is no social distancing and we are free to meet, know and embrace other people, all with their wealth of experiences ready to be shared with us.


April 06, 2021 — Anna Frabotta

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