In Secret Mag Club of March 2021 we have chosen to commit ourselves and get subscribers and subscribers to a magazine that talks about Europe.
Born in Brussels in 2016 from the idea of 4 friends, Are We Europe aims to tell our continent with words, looks and above all the events of the peoples who represent it, setting aside the institutional and bureaucratic logic with which the concept of Europe is often channeled by the most popular media. 

Inside the Frab's packages the number 7 or the number 9. The first is linked to a highly topical issue such as pandemic control and the way in which the various states have managed it, the second instead of a broader one on the theme of colonialism.
We will not go into the merits of the individual editions, which you can consult in the magazine page, but rather in the choice to steer after a few months in which we traveled with Urbarïum and met photography with Yogurt Magazine, going to talk about political journalism.

The idea behind Are We Europe could not materialize and last over time if not with a fantastic ability to execute. Because one thing is certain: of pro-European blogs, of fans of Europe who try to tell, sometimes mythologizing it, our continent, the web is full and often the print media too. The reality is more complicated to tell. And the reality is a Europe made up of different peoples who over the centuries have forged their identity and on several occasions have been forced to amalgamate or leave each other, now facing a new period of division and disruption of their own integrity.

Before the pandemic we lived through years in which the tools to achieve that Union, which from a political point of view had already materialized decades earlier, did not seem to be lacking. No border controls, fast and cheap airplanes, a strong single currency that gave the idea or the illusion to a generation that that integration could really have been accomplished. 
Then came Brexit and the pandemic shock we know, and it is very likely that a resumption of that same vitality and synergy between countries will struggle to resume the same pace in a short time. 

Are we Europe has a purely journalistic slant in its in-depth analysis, and with sufficient political secularism it touches the point perfectly: it is and will be the peoples who make or undo Europe. It will be an amalgam of cultures to decide the fate, cultures that in the pages of this magazine are told with the specific intent of bringing out common traits and distinctive visions.
Are We Europe is not unbalanced, but tells and makes us question. Entering the history and everyday life of a people, meeting its people, describing the practical and human consequences of what are often mythologized as political choices of some enlightened leader. 

There is a need for magazines so that, using journalistic rigor and an editorial line that is always consistent with itself, they have the task of shifting the focus, of changing the point of view. The character of independence in this case is necessary to maintain a sacred element: consistency.

Are We Europe's way of narrating Europe is not that of investigative journalism that has to make an audience, nor that of a newsreel that has to tell only the great political facts. The magazine has a role of its own, suitable for being welcomed and read with passion by those who are interested in understanding how journalism can have different forms of telling us things than what we know. 


You know what there was in the Secret Mag Club of the past months?


March 29, 2021 — Dario Gaspari

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